Recent Work


While I continue to add to the ongoing large piece called Library, I decided to try creating some smaller versions of the panels. The one shown here, Seasons of New is 3′ X 2′. New Tip, Maybe, is smaller, at 2′ X 1.5′. I am also constructing wall hanging-like collages made of slices of book covers sewn back together to create mixed media collages. Leaving It Behind is about 7′ X 5′ and Embracing The Time It Takes is about 7 1/2′ X about 5′.
I am currently working on a commission which will ultimately be 3 1/2′ high and about 5 feet long, to fit a specific space a client has in mind. Commissions are priced at $100 per square foot. I am loving the arranging and sewing part of this process.

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