The scrolls began in 2008 or so as a return to my roots as a printmaker. Inspired by something I was teaching my students at the time, I made the first one as an experiment to see what it would look like to print a simple image of an open box over and over again on a long continuous piece of printmaking paper. I was taken with the abstract pattern that resulted; I then proceeded to cut numerous individual blocks, including an echinacea flower, a cicada, a garlic scape, a single honeybee and other insects with wings. After obsessively printing these for a number of months the series culminated in an installation of twelve scrolls that read as a continuous field of buzzing, circling, fantastically alive insect activity circling the inside of the space in which it they were hung, in the Betts Gallery in Belfast in 2009. I have not returned to this series and though I loved the process at this point I doubt I will.

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